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Becoming a healthier community requires a culture change, one in which each one of us can take an active role.

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consider the health of the community when making decisions that impact the workplace and community
network with a wide variety of organizations to share expertise and best practices regarding health issues
share resources that help educate the community in making healthy choices

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Goals have been set in the categories below, just click a category to view and print.

  • Offer to pay for offsite smoking cessation classes.
  • Offer health insurance premium reduction for non-smokers.
  • Make work facility tobacco free.
  • Start a committee to promote non smoking programs.
  • Use the CDC site for smoking & tobacco use.
  • Dedicate a column in employee newsletter to tobacco free information.
  • Reimburse for tobacco cessation course.
  • Host a tobacco cessation course.
  • Promote community smoking cessation resources.
  • Participate in The Great American Smoke Out. Post stats on social media; display posters in the workplace; send out email to staff about the costs (both physical and monetary) of smoking, etc.
  • Offer flex spending allowance for nicotine replacement products or Rx Meds in insurance packages.
  • Offer reimbursement for nicotine replacement products.
  • Post creative media that addresses tobacco in the workplace.
  • Set a timeline and date for smoke-free workplace; actively offer assistance during the approach period.
  • Test for, and exclude, tobacco users during hiring.
  • Promote the workplace’s smoke free policy online and in new employee orientation.
  • Arrange support groups for employees trying to stay smoke-free.
  • Provide individual, group, or phone counseling through a health plan/EAP for employees to quit and stay smoke-free.
  • Schedule a quarterly lunch and learn. Coordinate with a neighboring business to increase participation.
  • Consider covering smoking cessation RX in health care plans.
  • Offer incentives to quit smoking.
  • Run challenges and post the results in a public place for a number of days since last smoked.

Click here for a printable page of Smoking Cessation Goals . 
Click here for printable pages containing all categories.

  • Get vending machines with healthy choices.
  • Employer provided fruit in break/lunch room.
  • Organize a healthy potluck luncheon.
  • Dedicate a column in the employee newsletter dedicated to healthy recipes.
  • Create a healthy recipe cook book by employee for employees- free of charge.
  • Set up a fresh food vendor at facility once weekly.
  • Organize cooking demonstrations during lunch break.
  • Distribute nutrition/dietary information as payroll stuffer.
  • Create a wellness team.
  • Bring in nutritionist to speak to employees.
  • Offer healthier choices at company sponsored events.
  • Educate employees on how to read labels, understand portions, educate about nutrients.
  • Implement event around the movie “Fed Up” or “That Sugar Film
  • Provide free fruit and other healthy snacks weekly (in break areas).
  • Hold healthy cooking contests or similar events.
  • By policy, provide healthy food choices for catered company events/meetings.
  • Partner with local hospitals to offer clinics on nutrition and healthy cooking classes.
  • Provide healthy eating reminders and prompts to employees via posters, emails, etc.
  • Provide an opportunity for on-site gardening if possible.
  • Celebrate “free fruit day” and give away apples.
  • Have a homegrown fruit and vegetable exchange.
  • Offer info/recipes on packing healthy brown bag lunches.
  • Organize visits with local fruit and vegetable supplier to sell produce on-site.
  • Work with vending machine company to post calorie/nutrient content amounts on machines.
  • Place myplate.gov charts in break rooms.
  • Schedule quarterly lunch and learns on a healthy eating topic.
  • Change portion sizes of food/beverages.
  • Decrease the size of cups and plates at events.
  • Install nutrition posters.
  • Do a food prep demo to show how healthy cooking can be fun and simple and still taste good.

Click here for a printable page of Nutrition Goals . 
Click here for printable pages containing all categories.

  • Create a walking campaign, reward team achievements.
  • Offer bike storage for those who can bike to work.
  • Make stairwells appealing with artwork.
  • Implement a 2/3 minute stretch break during work hours.  Video and Poster
  • Sponsor employees who take part in community running events. Check out the 1 in 21 Calendar
  • Provide a room that employees can bring in exercise DVDs; provide fitness equipment and incentives to use.
  • Promote department challenges.
  • Promote biking and walking trails. Provide staff with bike storage.
    Muskegon Trails    Walk Mich Fall 2017     Walk Mich Guide
  • Post sign-up for employees to coordinate walking/cycling groups. Promote a buddy system to hold each other accountable.
  • Consider walking meetings.
  • Sponsor sporting event/team.
  • Sponsor competitive sport events in the community.
  • Sponsor company teams for intermural and local sports.
  • Negotiate gym discounts for employees.
  • Encourage team building events that focus on physical activities.
  • Negotiate discounts with fitness trainers for employees.
  • Promote friendly competitions within the workplace.
  • Offer rewards for accomplishments related to fitness.
  • Encourage employer-sponsored youth athletic teams along with employee volunteers.
  • Map out indoor and outdoor walking trails accessible to employees of all abilities. Muskegon Trails
  • Encourage employees to walk to a specific location and log individual miles for incentive prizes.
  • Offer flexible lunch periods/breaks to encourage individual, group, or buddy walks.
  • Promote other community assets and resources.
  • Offer reimbursement for fitness facilities or an annual reimbursement for ($200) for fitness equipment or activities.
  • Implement a stretching program. Video and Poster
  • Post signs regarding stretching at shared places like copier, fax machines, coffee pots, etc. Poster
  • Sponsor other sporting teams or coordinate softball/kickball/golf outing.
  • Provide a room that employees could bring in fitness DVDs or unused fitness equipment.
  • Have a company picnic and offer fun outdoor activities for all fitness levels.

Click here for a printable page of Physical Activity Goals . 
Click here for printable pages containing all categories.


  • Create a campaign or messaging to reduce stigma around mental health.
  • Offer training on trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences for employees and how this impacts physical and mental health.
  • Anonymously ask employees what they would like offered to help reduce stress and act on these suggestions.
  • Establish a safe zone/office to ask for help.
  • Offer mental health first aid training.
  • Bring in a speaker to talk about mental health services available in our community.
  • Leaders model good self care and mental health care.
  • Provide flexible schedules.
  • Provide and promote employee assistance program and advertise community resources.
  • Offer crisis briefings after traumatic events.
  • Offer workplace yoga, meditation, mindfulness and stretching opportunities.
  • Provide money management classes.
  • Encourage laughter and team building and facilitate opportunities for this.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to eat together.
  • Offer questionnaire and resources around caregiver strain.
  • Schedule lunch and learns on mental health topics.
  • Offer Compassion Fatigue/Burnout training.
  • Celebrate company and personal success.
  • Create an environment where employees may express themselves in a constructive manner.
  • Create a social emotional health/trauma informed care committee.
  • Implement Michigan’s “Becoming Trauma Informed” Assessment and Toolkit.
  • Encourage staff to complete mental health screenings.
  • Encourage employees to explore mental health Apps for their phones.
  • Bring in speakers to talk about isolation and social connectedness.
  • Implement ProQol survey with employees and use information for creation of strategies to improve morale (Professional Quality of Life).
  • Offer suicide prevention classes such as QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer).

Click here for a printable page of Mental Health Goals . 
Click here for printable pages containing all categories.

  • Use all available avenues to reach employees (break rooms/social media/etc.)
  • Start an employee newsletter, interview employees, have letters to the editor section.
  • Create a suggestion box to further discussion about workplace health.
  • Use games, activities, friendly competitions to foster improved communication.
  • Consider creating an onboarding video as well as a series of videos that brand your organization.
  • Use T-shirts/other branding items to communication corporate message.
  • Celebrate company & personal successes.
  • Hold “all hands” meetings to spotlight important local topics.
  • Set up displays of health posters in lunch/meeting rooms.
  • Send health related e-cards found on free sites like this one from Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Promote success stories- highlighting healthy lifestyle success stories.
  • Provide health information fact sheets for employees to take home.
  • Include wellness activity information in new employee orientation.
  • Have a wellness newsletter or a wellness section in your newsletter.
  • Post sign-up sheets that employees can coordinate walking or cycling groups.
  • Do team building activities that encourage employees to work together to solve problems/games.
  • Put up a board with sign ups for various work-site and non work-site events.
  • Do a quarterly or bi-annual forum to open up the floor to employees to discuss events and group outings they would like to see happen.
  • Create a wellness committee and open it up to everyone.
  • Review national, monthly health observances and plan at least a quarterly campaign aligned with a national observance.

Click here for a printable page of Communication Goals . 
Click here for printable pages containing all categories.

  • Offer paid time off to employees who want to volunteer.
  • Communicate community initiatives-calendar of events-within the company.
  • Allow and/or promote use of facility/meeting rooms for community initiatives.
  • Educate your HR Staff in how to engage employees.
  • Offer to match gifts to community non profits.
  • Start a share program and let employees suggest nominees and those who participate can vote.
  • Recognize the volunteer efforts of employees.
  • Start a community garden, allow employees to plant/tend garden during breaks.
  • Support and promote the Muskegon Farmer’s Market.
  • Encourage ALL employees to participate, and sponsor their participation in community improvement groups.
  • Organize community benefit events for employees to participate in (during, and outside, working hours).
  • Track & recognize community benefit efforts by employees in their performance reviews.
  • Participate in community walks.
  • Hold healthy cooking demos.
  • Partner with other local organizations to sponsor an event. Share expenses and resources. Network with others.
  • Develop a brainstorming team for ideas and to help with wellness activities.
  • Allocate a day per month/quarter/year for a team to give back to local community by volunteering.
  • Promote community smoking cessation resources.
  • Organize opportunities for employees to serve the community (ex- roadside clean up day, sponsoring a food truck, etc.)
  • Run internal challenges for social groups (Toys for Tots, Kids Food Basket, etc.)

Click here for a printable page of Community Outreach Goals . 
Click here for printable pages containing all categories.

  • Take inventory of all health and safety initiatives in your workplace.
  • Do a survey on interest. Do a follow up evaluation on programs.
  • Create a wellness team or at least incorporate wellness in your events and safety teams.
  • Track consistent measurements, such as sick days, participation levels, costs, & savings from programs.
  • Start at the executive level, use as guinea pigs and don’t be hypocritical.
  • Do a HRA. Utilizing it, look at the top 3 areas that will most impact your workplace and begin to create a plan of attack.
  • Do either a bi-annual or annual reassessment to make sure your plan is working and then make changes to the current plan to make it more effective.
  • Have health related information accessible for employees and their families so that they are able to make informed healthcare decisions.
  • Health related absence days to allow for appointments, education, etc.
  • Develop a brainstorming team for ideas and to help with wellness activities.

Click here for a printable page of Strategic Planning Goals . 
Click here for printable pages containing all categories.