Way to Wellville


Greater Muskegon is on the Way to Wellville!

Greater Muskegon was chosen as one of the Wellville 5! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen... it will take us to the next level in our effort to make our community the healthiest in Michigan!

“Muskegon has already made a commitment to turn around the health of the community. That spoke volumes about the community’s willingness to reflect on where it is today and where it wants to be in the future." - Rick Brush, CEO, HICCup

"Wellville" is a symbol for communities working to improve five health-related and economic metrics in a five-year period. The Way to Wellville effort is sponsored by the Health Initiative Coordinating Council, also known as HICCup. Esther Dyson, a philanthropist and angel investor to several health and technology start-ups and firms, founded the Simsbury, Conn.-based nonprofit organization in 2013. 1 in 21, the Healthy Muskegon County initiative launched by the Muskegon Rotary Club four years ago, has been working to build a culture of health in our community. The Wellville contest will help us reach our goal of becoming the healthiest community in 2021!

Learn more about the Way to Wellville by clicking the links below...

Greater Muskegon's Winning Way to Wellville Proposal and the Plan to get there.

Health Initiative Coordinating Council (HICCup) website

View community videos in support of the Way to Wellville (and upload your own!) on our You Tube channel here.

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