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Community Challenge

New Challenge - 5/13/13 to 6/23/13

What is our challenge?
With this Challenge you can make physical inactivity a thing of the past. The goal is for every participant to get 30 minutes of activity (with increased heart rate) at least 5 times a week. Points are awarded to participants who make an extra effort each day to increase physical activity, make healthy choices.

Start with the Bike to Work Week and finish strong with the Mercy Health Seaway Run!

Sign up here!

Download the team packet here.


School Rivalry Challenge

Mona Shores Staff versus Reeths Puffer Staff healthy challenge.

What is our challenge?
We are doing round two with MS vs. RP faculty. We will keep weekly updates on the website and also on your schools' daily announcements so that the students can help motivate the staff. Eventually, we want to get all of the Muskegon School Districts to join!

How to join the challenge:

  1. Contact us for the guidelines.
  2. Team members will track individual activity and calculate your point total for the week. Pedometer steps will be included in the point total, but the pedometers will not be provided.
  3. Team captains or individual players will report their weekly point total online.
What is the benefit?
Bragging to the rival school, of course! In addition, we are trying to make Muskegon County healthier and this challenge will help you have a healthier lifestyle. For more information, call Lauren Skinner at 231-766-7126 or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






Week 1 Scores:                                                                                                

Reeths Puffer            Total Points         11870                           

                                     Total in District     386                                                    

                                     Average              30.8                                                  

 Mona Shores            Total Points          17593                                                              

                                     Total in District     378                                                                                          

                                     Average               46.9                                                                                                


 Week 2 Scores:

Reeths Puffer          Total Points         11695

                                    Total in District     386

                                    Average              30.3

 Mona Shores           Total Points          21595

                                    Total in District     378

                                    Average               57.1


Week 3 Scores:

Reeths Puffer          Total Points         10107       

                                   Total in District      386

                                   Average               26.3

Mona Shores           Total Points         20522

                                   Total in District     378

                                   Average              54.3


Week 4 Scores:

Reeths Puffer         Total Points         11570

                                  Total in District   386

                                  Average           30.0

Mona Shores          Total Points         17858

                                  Total in District   378

                                  Average             47.2


Week 5 Scores:

Reeths Puffer         Total Points       10940

                                  Total in District  386

                                  Average            28.3

Mona Shores           Total Points       17394

                                   Total in District  378

                                   Average            46


Week 6 Scores:

Reeths Puffer       Total Points       10600

                                 Total in District  386

                                 Average           27.5

Mona Shores         Total Points        18134

                                 Total in District   378

                                 Average              48


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